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BNOhub Community Partners 

The people and businesses

integral to our work 

- Relocation services 

- Community bridge-building   

- Local business stimulus  


We do this through themed events, organised outings, provision of resources, digital content, interactive forums and regular webinars. 

Providing essential support, our partners enable the delivery of the above  

and so much more.

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As a central information and guidance hub for the growing Hong Kong community, our partners enjoy prominence in our daily, weekly and monthly activities & resources.   

As key enablers of community integration, our partners become the go-to providers of all components that make up life in the UK.


Tranmere Rovers Football Club has served the Wirral and Merseyside community for decades, providing support to local schools and the wider Wirral contingent through its foundation -

Tranmere Rovers in the Community (TRIC).  


An anchor institution of Wirral and delivery partner of Wirral Borough Council, Tranmere Rovers were quick to identify an obligation to formally welcome the region's newest residents and continue to support BNOhub as our Community Integration Partner.  

Community Partners 

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Support & Access The Community 

BNOhub is expanding its operations to cater to the growing number of Hong Kongers adopting Merseyside as their new home.

As a central resource hub providing access points to the community, services & provisions, our infrastructure and network serves newly arrived residents and the settled Hong Kong community. 

Be Seen | Be Heard | BE VALUED!

Gaining rapport with an expanding demographic, Community Partners benefit from proactive, ongoing brand engagement & visibility.      

BNOhub gives a platform to credible & authentic brands to play a connecting role in the community and to amplify their promotional message.          

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