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Centre Stage for Your Brand


Reach a Captive Audience!

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Rapport | Trust | Value | Integrity   

Leverage our position within the community to deliver a promotional message with maximum impact. 

Be seen, heard and engage across our events, publications, webinars, social media, info guides, and newsletters.  

Hard-hitting promotional campaigns through a range of tiered options to suit your business's budgets & needs.   

Product retailer or service provider seeking a surge in sales?  

Connect with our community, through one of our partner options below.

Proactive Engagement - 

-Monthly editorial features (copy & video)

-Brand residency on website 

-Weekly product / service placement

-Dedicated e-shots 

-Monthly webinar branding 

-Translated advert & editorial copy 

Optimised Placement - 

-Weekly Bulletin placement 

-Website section position 

-Youtube content advert 

-Facebook advert 

-1X translated advert  

-Optional promo video 

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Priority Visibility 

-Monthly newsletter column 

-Brand residency on website 

-Social media promotion

-Formal event branding

-Social event sponsor status 

-Optional promo video  

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